Thursday, December 29, 2011

Annual Magazine Giveaway

The first Thursday of the new year is coming soon and that means we will make outdated magazines available for anyone who wants to come pick them up. Thursday, January 5, the McEntee Room will be filled, at least to start the day, with the old magazines that we are discarding to make room for the new. This is a first come, first served event and folks are asked to bring their own bags to carry home their loot.

What can you do with old magazines? I found some of the items on this list from the website useful:

• Old magazines make fantastic boot trees. Roll up two thick issues and stuff them in your tall boots to help keep the leather from slouching.

• Cut out a favorite photo story and frame the pages. Hang the pictures in a series on your wall for inexpensive art.

• Use photos of beauty products to customize your makeup organizers. Pick up some inexpensive storage boxes (these ones from IKEA would work well) and attach pictures of lipsticks, eye shadows and powders to keep track of your cosmetics.

• Explore your kids' or your artistic side by using magazine pages for decoupage and collage projects. Simply cut out images, glue them on an object such as a pencil box, canvas, or trash bin, and seal with varnish for a one-of-a-kind decorative piece.

• Tear out interesting images, words or articles and create an “inspiration” bulletin board for your office or work space.

• Use the pages as stylish and eco-friendly wrapping paper.

• Shred the pages to use as protective filler for packages or moving boxes.

• Make your own, customized mailing envelopes. Use a utility knife to cut out a page, fold in half horizontally (leave a flap at the top) and glue the edges shut. Place a letter inside then fold the top flap over and seal.

Happy re-purposing!

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