Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Intruders by Michael Marshall

Jack Whalen retired from the LAPD after writing a book, and now spends his time smoking and staring out the window at his rural Washington property in a vain attempt to write another. Meanwhile, his advertising executive wife, Amy, flies back and forth to Seattle and California, busy with her career and content to support his creative efforts. At least, that’s what Jack thinks is going on—until Amy loses her cell phone in a taxicab and the cabdriver uses the contact list to call “Home.”

To notify her about the phone, Jack tries to reach Amy at her hotel, but learns she never checked in.  Then he tries to reach her through her boss, who knows nothing of her supposed business trip.  Jack and Amy have a good marriage, a close marriage, and she wouldn’t go incommunicado without reason. Confused and frightened, Jack rushes to Seattle. But when he retrieves the cell phone from the cabdriver, its memory holds pictures of a man he doesn’t recognize, and music he knows his wife hates. Amy is gone, something is terribly wrong, and the police won’t listen.

The Intruders is a supernatural thriller with some action and a lot of creepy suspense. If, like me, you’re not crazy about gore, skim over the prologue: the rest of the book is much lower on the gross stuff, much higher on psychological chills. It’s a fun, light read with a paranormal evil that hasn’t already been done to death.

There are several Michael Marshall thrillers in the Oceanbooks catalog. He also writes award winning horror and science fiction under the name Michael Marshall Smith.

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