Friday, January 4, 2013

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George is well known for her series of mysteries featuring British Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, which has been made into a popular BBC television series, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. George’s newest book is something different, a young adult novel with a paranormal twist, but her trademark excellent writing makes The Edge of Nowhere required reading for her adult fans as well.

Fourteen year old Becca King has always heard “whispers,” tidbits of thought that overflow from other people’s minds. When her stepfather finds out, he forces her to use her talent for his benefit, until she hears a secret that he’ll kill to protect.

Unable to go to the police, Becca and her mother Laurel flee California, struggling to find a safe haven and new identities. Laurel plans to set up a new life for them in northern Washington, and drops Becca off to stay with an old friend who will keep her safe while Laurel gets everything in place. But when Becca arrives at the friend’s home on Whidbey Island, the woman has suffered a heart attack. Becca can’t get through to her mother, and is stuck with no place to stay, no friends within a thousand miles, and hardly any money.

Things become even more complicated, as the kindness of strangers both protects Becca and draws her into their problems. When a boy is hurt in the woods, his sheriff father is determined to find out who’s responsible. Becca knows something, but should she risk drawing the attention of the police with her stepfather still after her? And when will her mother come back?

The Edge of Nowhere is the first in a series of Whidbey Island books, and I look forward to the next.

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