Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Iran: Modern and Medieval

Oregon author Aria Minu-Sepehr returns to the Newport Public Library on Sunday, June 2 at 2:00 p.m. to present “Iran: Modern and Medieval.”  He was here in March as one of four Oregon Book Award Finalists, and read from his book, We Heard the Heavens Then: A Memoir of Iran.

Minu-Sepehr had a privileged childhood as the son of a major general in the Imperial Iranian Air Force. Following the fall of Shah of Iran in 1979, his family sought refuge in the United States. The hostage crisis, a year later, would prove that the edicts of the Iranian Revolution could impact the global community and destroy the goodwill of one people for another. 

Any future involving Iran is now considered to be volatile. Will Iran seek nuclear armament? Will sanctions deter Iran’s rogue bent, or will they further radicalize the nation?

Minu-Sepehr argues that Iran itself is torn—a nation at once modern and medieval. Without a proper understanding of this fundamental divide, the West continues to peg Iran erroneously as this or that, in turn feeding a foreign policy that rests on half-truths and quicksand assumptions. 

Aria Minu-Sepehr has lectured on issues concerning Iranian culture and U.S. foreign policy, and created and directed Forum for Middle East Awareness at Susquehanna University, where he taught world and Middle Eastern literature.  He teaches writing at WoodSprings Institute and is the copy editor of Judicature.

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