Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Post-Neawanaka Blues

Newport Reads is over for another year, but the pleasure of reading Mink River, viewing the Readers Theater program, and attending Brian Doyle’s high-energy conversation lingers on. I am especially tuned in to Brian’s talk, because I just finished splicing a recording of it into eight segments, which I uploaded to YouTube.

I laughed along with the audience as I reviewed the footage, and felt a chill in my heart as he talked about the bombing in Boston (Brian’s talk was just three days after the Marathon) and the tragic, necessary stories that arose out of the events of September 11.

Brian shared so much with us in the space of 90 minutes, that it’s hard to encapsulate his talk in a sentence or two. We learned that he comes from a large, Catholic family; he learned Gaelic from his grandmother; he believes in miracles (people came out of his wife!); and he cries in public. We also learned that he didn’t write his book, his characters did, and he was just as surprised as his readers were that a crow spoke English and Cedar could talk to bears.

If you could not attend this memorable Newport Reads event, or even if you did, join us in the wonder of an evening spent with the lyrical, inventive mind of Brian Doyle. He doesn’t disappoint. - Sheryl

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