Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Controlled Hallucinations and other poetry

The Newport Public Library will host two renowned Portland poets for a reading and book launch on Saturday, July 13 at 4:00 p.m.  Both writers, editors, and literary community leaders, John Sibley Williams will be launching his debut collection, Controlled Hallucinations, alongside the award-winning poet A. Molotkov. 

John Sibley Williams
Filled with impassioned logic and musicality, Controlled Hallucinations strives to reconnect language to the things they describe, to control the uncontrollable by redefining the method of approach. In these compact poems, so edged in dark corners and the strenuous songs of beauty and identity, Williams establishes a unique world of contradictions and connections that works to bridge the foreign with the familiar. 

Williams is the winner of the HEART Poetry Award, and finalist for the Pushcart, Rumi, and The Pinch Poetry Prizes. He serves as editor of The Inflectionist Review and co-director of the Walt Whitman 150 project.  For more information, you can visit his

A. Molotkov
Born in Russia, A. Molotkov moved to the US in 1990 and switched to writing in English in 1993. His work won a variety of awards, and has been accepted by The Kenyon Review and over 70 other publications. He co-edits The Inflectionist Review and serves on the Board of Directors of Oregon Poetry Association. Visit him at

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