Friday, August 23, 2013

Clamming on the Yaquina Bay

Since returning to Newport, I have rediscovered the joy of abundant, fresh, and local seafood. I especially like the kind of seafood that only requires a reasonably-priced shellfish permit from ODFW to pluck my daily limit out from the bay. Wanting to hone my clam grabbing skills, I picked up Clam Digging & Crabbing in Oregon by J.A. Johnson (local author alert!) and set to it. I have yet to bag a razor clam (fast little buggers), and I have had some unfortunate luck trying to combine kayaking, clamming, and crabbing in one trip out on the bay (it is really, really difficult to pull up a crab pot from the bottom of the bay in an outgoing tide in a kayak filled to the brim with shovels and a big sack of horseneck clams), but I can hardly blame Johnson.

So I truck my limit of clams (or if I’m really lucky, crab) home, wash off the bay mud facial I’ve managed to give myself, and pull out my trusty seafood cooking companion, The Fishermen’s Wives Cookbook, and get going.

We have a number of resources here at the library to help you in your seafood adventures—just ask! And remember to carry your license and watch the tide.

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