Friday, August 16, 2013

Still time for young readers to finish their reading contracts!

Newport Library's summer reading shows in Literacy Park are over for another year, but young readers still have time to reach their reading goals and collect a Dig Into Reading t-shirt.

Do you have a young reader in your home who's been working on a summer reading contract and is almost there?  Did your young reader set a goal of 75 books for the summer then became hooked on reading really thick chapter books and is on book #14?  If you answered yes to either question, your child can still collect her Dream Big, Read! t-shirt.

For the reader who is almost finished, perhaps a bit more daily reading time will get do the trick.  It's also just fine if to read a few shorter books or graphic novels to finish off that summer list before the August 31 deadline.

If your child fits the latter profile, please urge him to come in and talk to us. We are quite willing to discuss modifying his reading contract because what is most important is that he has been reading all summer. After all, that is the goal of our summer reading programs, keeping children reading, using their skills and retaining what they learned in school last year.

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