Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home Ownership and You

My man and I have recently dipped our toes into the perilous waters of house buying, which has been alternately exciting and terrifying. So much to consider! Location, price, age, condition, resell value, and on and on and on. True to form in the face of adversity, I turned to the nonfiction stacks of the library and got crackin’. 

Our library has some great and up-to-date resources to help you navigate the choppy seas of home ownership. Along with the must-have Home Buying Kit for Dummies, we also have one that I found very informative and easy to understand, called Buying a Home: The Missing Manual

An aspect of buying a home that I didn’t at first consider is the dreaded home inspection. Mike Holmes’ book, The Holmes Inspection (see what he did there?), is stellar at highlighting the most important things to watch out for when looking at a potential house. It is full of helpful takeaways, quick tips (one neat trick I learned to see if the bathroom fan is adequate is to put a tissue up to it while it’s running and see if it stays put), real-life examples, and plenty of demonstrative pictures. 

We haven’t bought a house yet, but the apparent moral of the story is to educate yourself as much as possible before making the leap into home ownership, and in this arena as well as others, the public library is your friend.

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