Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bowl Of Heaven by Gregory Benford and Larry Niven

A few hundred years into the future, Earth has become an ecological wasteland. In a final act of desperation, humanity sends out a shipload of carefully picked colonists, who, in deep sleep and piloted by a skeleton crew, journey to a planet nicknamed Glory. There, mankind hopes to start again.

After decades of travel and nearing their destination, the colonists aboard Sunseeker encounter a bowl-shaped object bigger than the biggest solar system. Powered by a star locked within a gravity well, this “Bowl of Heaven” is astounding in its size and complexity. From viewing areas aboard the ship, the crew can make out mountain ranges as big as planets, hurricanes larger than the moon, and flashes of lightning longer than the Mississippi River.

The crew aboard the Sunseeker awaken a team of scientists to land on the bowl and explore. And so the adventure begins.

I found both “Bowl of Heaven” and its sequel, “Shipstar” to be a wonder-filled and imaginative read, filled with outrageous alien species, enviable super-futuristic technology and just enough true science to keep it real. 

You can reserve the first book, Bowl of Heaven, here.

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