Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little

Janie Jenkins was imprisoned at 17 for the murder of her socialite mother, but now she’s been freed on a technicality. In a whirlwind of bad press, hounded by a vengeful blogger who offers a reward for information about her location, Jenkins slips under the radar and goes sleuthing in disguise.  Is she searching for the real killer? Or for herself?

She no longer remembers exactly what happened that night. She only knows that she and her cold, manipulative mother never got along, and that her memories begin in a pool of blood. Not knowing is worse than anything, and she can’t let go of the past until she finds out for sure. Who was her mother? Where did she come from? And what got her killed?

Dear Daughter is a fast-moving thriller with a kick-ass potty-mouthed jailbird heroine, and a few good twists that will keep you asking questions up to the end. Poor little rich girl gone bad? Or gone good? Wouldn’t you like to know?

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