Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Murder in the Arctic

If you enjoy the national parks mysteries of Nevada Barr, the Native American mysteries of Tony Hillerman, or the Alaskan mysteries of Dana Stabenow, here’s a new series for you—MJ McGrath’s mysteries featuring half-Inuit hunting guide Edie Kiglatuk, starting with White Heat.

Kiglatuk lives in the northern Arctic, where the world is all ice and rock. The geography, history, and culture of the region and of the Inuit people are an integral part of the book. I picked it up because of the murder mystery, but like many people, I really enjoy learning about distant lands through fiction, and the northern Arctic is a new one for me.

White Heat opens when one of Kiglatuk's clients is shot during a hunting trip, and the local council blackmails her into agreeing it was a suicide. She’s drawn into a long affair that spans countries, unveils corruption, and unmasks evil close to home. When one of her family is killed and those in power want that brushed under the rug, too, Kiglatuk is forced to face her fears that her client’s death was a sign of a greater conspiracy. She is the only one motivated and tenacious enough to seek justice at any cost.

White Heat is the first book in this series, and promises lots of action, lots of seal-blood soup and walrus meat, and a greater understanding of life in a harsh land of ice where night lasts an entire season. It is also available as an audiobook through Library2Go.

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