Friday, February 20, 2015

Two evil girls from beyond the grave beset two creative nice guys!

I feel like I won at book bingo—two of the books from my last batch of checkouts had almost exactly the same plot! Stranger still—I really enjoyed both of them, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a creepy domestic thriller or two.

In Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger, Ian is a successful graphic novelist trying to create a normal, fulfilling adulthood far from the demons of his past. As a child, his inner pain about his baby sister’s death at his mother’s hands manifested as obesity and isolation. His only friend was a wild girl named Priss whose rages and addictions mirrored his own, and his graphic novel series is based on their relationship. When he falls in love with nice, normal Meg, Priss re-enters his life in a big way, devastating his hard won successes and forcing him to define what kind of man he really is.

In The Damned by Andrew Pyper, Danny Orchard is a successful new age memoirist, famous for having died and come back, at age sixteen, to tell his tale of the afterlife. The fire that killed him also killed his twin sister Ashleigh, only she stayed dead. Since Ash was a budding psychopath who terrorized her family and manipulated her friends, her survivors weren’t too dismayed. Unfortunately, her bond with Danny transcends death, and her violent jealousy has forced him to live a life of isolation. Then—you guessed it—Danny accidentally falls in love, and when Ashleigh’s anger manifests against his fiancé and her son, he must finally find a way to free himself.

A perfect pair of quick weekend reads, fabulous brain candy for those who like a little supernatural in their thriller. Take two, and enjoy!

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