Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Should I Read Next?

Just finished the last in a series by your favorite author and feeling adrift? Enjoy mysteries but don’t want all the blood and guts? Need something to engage and excite your budding kitchen scientist without blowing the house up in the process?

Newport Library offers bibliographies listing books and authors in a variety of genres just for you! We’ve just scoured our shelves for Westerns – both traditional and not so traditional. We found Westerns hiding in every section, from adults to kids, fiction to non-fiction. We even managed to rustle one up in Science Fiction, and updated the Western bibliography to include them all!

If pointy toes and big hats aren’t your thing, why not try a character-driven “cozy” mystery, a nitty-gritty police procedural, some heart-pounding horror, bodice-ripping historical fiction, or some toe-squelching things to do along the Oregon coast? Our bibliographies cover a wide variety of interests to make it easy for you to find a new favorite author.  You can find them at the front desk, on the rack next to the stairs, and in the Children's and YA sections.

If you're on the computer, try our online database, Novelist, as well.  It will suggest book ideas for you based on other books you've liked or qualities that you are looking for.

And any time you can't find what you're looking for-- ask a librarian!  We're always glad to help.


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