Monday, May 4, 2015

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Fifteen-year-old Alice used to have another name. For five years Alice has lived with Ray. At last, he is going to end her torment and kill her. Alice, numbed by years of abuse, wonders how he’ll do it. This slender novel was dense with the horror a girl experiences as the kidnapped victim of a pedophile and murderer. 

Living Dead Girl is so well-written that the author manages not only to depict the horror but the grief, rage and helplessness of the powerless. I was awed by the Scott’s ability to put the reader in the victim's place. She paints a clear picture of how when a child is molested or raped that childhood isn't stolen—it is murdered. Elizabeth Scott has not given us a sweet ending but a believable one. Hurrah for the reality depicted in this novel and the sensitive way she has answered the oft-repeated question...Why didn’t the victim tell anyone? 

-Written by Karel 

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