Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Good Eats

Digging around in my freezer the other day I found some overlooked berries.  Lifting the package out brought summer memories of drowsy bees foraging among the blackberry thorns, and our dog’s reproachful look as I halted our walk, set down my containers, rolled my sleeves up and reached in to pluck the ripe juicy fruit.

The frozen treasure also included blueberries that birds didn’t harvest and ripe huckleberries painstakingly sorted from the green and cleaned from miniature stems while swaying on the porch swing.  A few last raspberries were also tossed in as silent witnesses to my lost battle with the deer.  All were toted upstairs, dusted with sugar and tossed with tapioca to macerate overnight in the fridge before going into a pie.  

Everyone can appreciate a book that demystifies processes like cooking.  Here’s a fun example with a segment on green tomato pie (a great way to justify another attempt to grow tomatoes on the coast).  It is titled, United States of Pie:  Regional Favorites from East to West and North to South, by Adrienne Kane. You can reserve a copy here.

Or don’t grow it yourself.. Newport Farmer’s Market is again outside and right down Nye Street from the library every Saturday.  No need to miss out on nature’s bounty now or during the long winter months to come.  


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