Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living in A Rain Shadow

When so much television seems to be screaming at the audience these days, either in violence or just plain volume, I’d like to recommend Rain Shadow, an Australian mini-series that first aired in 2007. More of a whisper than a shout, Rain Shadow has an understated beauty and power that is often missing from that vast wasteland of TV.

Jill Blake is a young veterinarian fresh out of college who comes to practice in Paringa, a drought-plagued farming community near Adelaide. Her boss, Doctor Kate McDonald, played by Rachel Ward, angrily blocks Jill’s well-intentioned inquiries when she starts to uncover a secret that threatens to destroy the livelihood of every rancher in the area.

The scenery is dry and spare and the acting equally so. Rain Shadow is about people scratching a living out of a land that takes an awful lot but does not give back much in return. And yet these people love that land and try to hold out as best they can despite the enormous odds against them. It’s about people coming to learn more about themselves, and how doing what’s right is not often as easy as we may think.

Inexplicably, Rain Shadow only aired for one season, but I think you’ll enjoy all six episodes we have in the library. You can reserve it here.

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  1. I loved this program! A pity it didn't go on...