Thursday, October 10, 2013

Library Catalog - Take Two

Last week our library catalog was upgraded to a newer version.  Many of the changes are "behind the scenes" and shouldn't cause any problems, but we've had questions about two aspects of the catalog.

"Where do I find my account information?"  When you are logged in to the catalog, your name--at the top of the page--is now the link to your account.  Just click on your name, and you'll be able to see your holds, checkouts, and any lists you have saved.

"I can't place holds anymore!"  Fortunately, the solution is simple!  Each web browser has an option for you to clear your history, cache, and cookies.  If you do this once, you should be able to place holds without a problem.

How do you clear your history, cache, and cookies?  It is different in each web browser.

In Internet Explorer, you click on Tools - Delete Browsing History, and a window will pop up.  Check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History, and click on the Delete button.

Internet Explorer

In the Mozilla Firefox web browser, click on History - Clear Recent History.  Check the boxes for Browsing & Download History, Form & Search History, Cookies, and Cache, and click on the Clear Now button.

Mozilla Firefox

In the Chrome browser, click on the row of lines in the upper right of the screen, which brings up menu options. Select History, then click on Clear Browsing Data
Google Chrome

In Apple's web browser, Safari, click on Safari - Empty Cache.  (Warning - this can also delete usernames and passwords you have saved.)

Safari - Empty Cache
Then on History - Clear History

Safari - Clear History
We appreciate the feedback you give us!  Let us know whenever you have a question or need help with the catalog, Library2Go, databases, or any other library service.  That's what we're here for!

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  1. I was having trouble placing holds, and clearing my cache in Firefox worked for me. It now works! I'm still getting used to the new appearance, though.