Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rory and the Whitechapel Killer

Louisiana native Rory Deveaux is excited to have the opportunity to spend her senior year in a London boarding school. The classes are tough, the kids are competitive, and she has to play field hockey - but it's London. Rory’s not even bothered by the fact that a crazy Jack the Ripper copycat has murdered someone near the school. Well, not at first.

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson starts out as a funny fish-out-of-water high school story. It gradually morphs into a very suspenseful supernatural thriller with a truly nail-biting climax that had me awake at midnight, reading instead of getting my beauty rest.

Rory settles in to life at Wexford Academy. She adjusts to her new schedule, befriends her new roommate, and wows her new peers with tales of her weird southern family.

But then another murder happens, this time on the school campus. It’s shocking and brutal, and Rory sees something that no one else saw. Worse, the murderer saw her, too. Now he seems to be seeking her out, and Rory isn’t sure if she can trust the strange trio of policemen who say they want to protect her. They are obviously not telling her everything.

The Name of the Star is the first in a series called The Shades of London, and it’s a witty, fast-paced, and exciting read. It has a charming heroine and an incredible cliffhanger ending. I’m craving the sequel.

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