Monday, July 15, 2013

Wildlife at Newport Library

As a young mom one of the best places to take my children was Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. Many wonderful memories come from those visits. Because my mother was a docent at the park, we always got to go in the "Keep Out - Staff Only" areas.  My sons still talk about giving a bottle to a baby cheetah.

This Wednesday's Summer Reading program will be a special treat because Wildlife Safari is coming to Newport!  Right here in the library's Literacy Park at 1:00, there will be snakes and lizards and turtles and other wonderful creatures.  No, no lions or cheetahs or elephants but fascinating creatures nonetheless.  Fortunately for us, the animals come with very informative people who work at the park and love to share all the amazing things they know about the animals they bring to Newport.

Like all Newport Public Library programs, the Wildlife Safari show is free and people of all ages are welcome.  Please remember your sunblock and water, Literacy Park is out of the wind and can get pretty toasty.

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