Monday, March 3, 2014

More Julia Glass!

I blogged about Julia Glass’ 2002 National Book Award winning novel Three Junes last summer (last June, actually), writing how much I enjoyed it. Just a few days ago I discovered that I could get a pre-release copy* of her new book And The Dark and Sacred Night, which incorporates the story of Fenno, the gay, bookish, parrot-owning Scot from Three Junes.**

Besides her much-admired subtlety (a difficult thing to write about in a review such as this), one of Glass’ many strengths as a writer is her ability to portray a range of characters in a way that is both believable and captivating. She writes from the point of view (actually from the third-person limited perspective, to be a wonky English major about it) of everyday people dealing with both the ordinary and the extraordinary events that make up a life. She skillfully interweaves the past with the present and seamlessly switches from one character to the next, making it clear (to me at least) that she is one of America’s premier authors. Give her a try, if you haven’t already!

*An awesome perk about being a public librarian is having access through various channels (a secret handshake and a knowing look is de rigueur) to books before they are published. And the Dark and Sacred Night is scheduled to be released on April 1.

**As one of the readers of the blog informed me when I wrote the Three Junes post, Fenno also shows up briefly in Glass’ 2006 novel, The Whole World Over.

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