Friday, July 24, 2015

The Bug Chicks Bring Bugs to the Library

This week's Every Hero Has a Story summer reading program features the The Bug Chicks and their bugs at 1:00 on Wednesday, July 29 in Literacy Park. The Bug Chicks are two lively entomologists, Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker. They will lead a fun and educational program about bugs, featuring live insects and arthropods. Get a taste of what to expect from the Bug Chicks on their website.

The Bug Chicks strive to create fun, accurate science media and programs. This has led them to work with some of the coolest organizations: the U.S. Forest Service, Norman Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture, and National Ag Science Center to name a few. Their sci-comm articles can be seen on NPR’s Science Friday website and their videos are teaching the next generation of entomologists and bug-dorks. Throughout the year they teach in every venue imaginable- from schools and libraries to camps, museums and festivals. They travel all over the world to film, photograph and teach about the incredible world of insects, spiders and other arthropods.

Kristie recently described a new species of solifuge from the Sudan/Kenya border. As a Bug Chick she is dedicated to showing young girls and boys that women can be smart, silly, successful, brave and beautiful in many different ways.

Jessica’s research on pecan aphids is helping to establish new pest control parameters for farmers in eastern Texas. She plans to continue her work in an effort to reduce reliance on pesticides in developing countries. As a Bug Chick she is passionate about promoting women as scientists and positive media role models.

The Bug Chicks programs are funded by Ready to Read grants from the Oregon State Library, Ross and Janis Neigebauer, Jeanette Hofer and the Newport Library Foundation. Their lodging is provided by La Quinta Inn and Suites. Find out more about The Bug Chicks' performance and other Newport Public Library summer programs here.

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