Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In Like a Lion..

Here it is, March already. The weather is fitful, unpredictable and mostly uncomfortable. A season shifting gears toward longer and warmer days.

Our dog wants to go for many more walks on the beach. Without her urging us into our parkas and out of doors, we’d miss the whole Oregon beach experience entirely.

Dogs have so much to share with us; their senses keener; their enthusiasm boundless, and their affection total. Our dog was a shelter dog. Before Lincoln County Animal Shelter acquired her, life had not been easy. She came with a working dog temperament that required some research before we understood her as “capable of self direction” instead of “untrainable.”

Before we get another dog, I’ll be rummaging through the library’s selection on differing breeds and the requisite training. So many good books line the shelves here and not all are explicitly how-to. Some are biographical like Merle's Door by Ted Karasote.

By the way, when you access that title in our catalog, a simple click on the listed call number within that citation (636.7 Keraso) will take you to a virtual shelf of our library’s holdings in that section. Here you can browse and find more titles to pick up or reserve online. Ask any of us to show you this neat trick the next time you visit the library.

While March is coming in like a Lion, it might be fun to read about a new best friend to warm your summer and the years to come.

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