Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Genre-fication: Now Making YA Books Easier to Find!

Are you tired of sifting through ten paranormal books to find the historical novel you've been longing for?  Really like horror but can never find any because there are too many mushy romances in the way?  Not in Newport Library's revamped YA section, not anymore!

Young adult books are now categorized in different genres to make it easier to browse for the kind of books you like to read.  All the fiction is color-coded into twelve categories, which are alphabetized on the YA shelves.  Can't get enough Hunger Games? Go Dystopian.  Love your rewritten fairy tales?  Try Fairy.  Looking for something light about friendship and romance? Sweet & Sassy is for you.  

There's a guide to genres posted on the YA shelves, explaining what all the categories are. For example, AA is Action-Adventure: spies, thrillers, and daring tales of survival.  And PARA equals Paranormal: where the weird and magical happen in your everyday town or high school.

Deciding on the genre of certain books can be a little tricky: what to do with action-packed historical paranormal romances, or time-travelling mysteries set in post-apocalyptic dystopias?  We tried to decide based on the strongest or most important feature of the book, but that's often subjective.  If you read a book and discover that it's much more of a Sweet & Sassy than a Mystery, or that it's more Science Fiction than Horror, please let us know!

As a matter of fact, we'd love to hear what you think of all of the ongoing changes at our community library.  Chat with a staff member, contact us online, or slip a comment into our suggestion box by the circulation desk.  Thanks!

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