Monday, October 12, 2015

Faithful Place by Tana French

I am completely hooked on the books of Tana French. Every one I read, I’m now up to three, gets better and better, even though I’m reading them in no particular order.

It just so happens that Faithful Place is the third installment in her Dublin Murder Squad series. Although the books contain some of the same characters, each book features a different investigator as protagonist; we see events unfolding through her or his eyes. And it is in constructing these main characters, with their distinct and complex voices narrating their stories, where Tana French’s talents truly shine.

Undercover detective Frank Mackey grew up on the gritty hardscrabble streets of Dublin’s inner-city neighborhood, Faithful Place. As a teen he’d planned to run away to England with Rosie, the love of his life. They agree to a midnight rendezvous at the top of the street. But she never shows. Despondent, and thinking that Rosie’s father has somehow thwarted their plans, Frank leaves Faithful Place, never to return.

That is, until 20-plus years later. Rosie’s suitcase and their ferry tickets turn up in an abandoned house. Returning to Faithful Place. Frank must now reunite with the dysfunctional cess pit that is his family. He must maneuver neighborhood feuds and interrogate old friends and enemies who are now mostly bitter, alcoholic, middle-aged wrecks. Nobody takes kindly to people who leave the neighborhood, and among the Faithful Place crew, Frank, himself, becomes a suspect.

I’ve never read mysteries for their “whodunit” qualities. With the books of Tana French, I can simply sit back and enjoy some great writing, get inside the heads of complex and interesting characters, and imagine such a place. Faithful Place.

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  1. Tana French has never disappointed me - I love her writing.